Anaconda in raspberry pi

How to install Anaconda or Miniconda in raspberry pi? Steps by step process to install and solution of error that may occur during this process. Based on installation done in 2019.

Installing anaconda in raspberry pi

Step 1: Download the Files.
$ wget
Step 2: Optional check md5
$ sudo md5sum
Step 4: Run to start the installation process
$ sudo /bin/bash
Step 3: Change default directory to /home/pi/miniconda

Step 4: Installer to prepend the Miniconda3 install location input ‘no’

Step 4: Add miniconda to PATH
$ sudo nano /home/pi/.bashrc
$ export PATH=”/home/pi/miniconda3/bin:$PATH”

Step 5: Reboot
$ sudo reboot -h now

Test conda installation:

$ conda

$ python –version

Required Packages for miniconda:

$ conda install anaconda-client

If permission is missed:

Error: Missing write permissions in: /home/pi/miniconda3
$ sudo chown -R pi miniconda3

$ conda config –add channel rpi
$ conda install openblas blas

Create env in Anconda

$ conda create -n test python=3.6 (proceed with y)

$ source activate test

$ conda install numpy (check so that everything is fine.)

Now use either pip or conda to install packages. ENJOY..


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