Atlantis The Forgotten Underwater Kingdom.

Where is Atlantis? Is it only myths in Greek history? Who built it aliens , god or human? Are more places like this discovered previously?

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In 2000 a group of divers working on Egyptian coast near Alexandria discovered the remains of entire temple complexes, ruins of statues in The Mediterranean Sea. Something that was thought to be mythical or legendary were findings of Thonis, Heracleion near Alexandria. That we read about in Greek myths and history. Mankind have no evidence of those myths but one day all changes as they got discovered.

Places thought to be Myths?

Dating back to the 7th century BC, Thonis, or Heracleion as it was known to the Greeks, was cited in ancient myths as a major trading post for the region. Heracleion in Egypt was in many stories for long time but had not been found until the year 2000. In India, in the year 2001, something similar happened. In Mahabharata there is a time when Lord Krishna built a great fortified city, Dwarka. This place was also discovered which was thought to be an imaginary place in ancient myths.

What makes Atlantis Fascinating?

The one that inspired most fascination and proved the most appealing of all the locations on earth is not a town but an entire continent, Atlantis. As outlined by Plato in the fourth century AD. Atlantis was home to a extremely advanced civilization that, thousands of years ago, mysteriously vanished into the ocean. While mainstream academics continue to reject Atlantis as nothing more than a fanciful myth. Many think that the account of Plato was based on a very true location. But if Atlantis is found, like other formerly mythical sites, would it provide evidence of extraterrestrial contact with early human beings?

New Zealand, February, 2017, scientists at New Zealand’s top geological Institute GNS Science announced the discovery of a lost continent, one that sunk into the ocean millions of years ago. They dubbed the land mass Zealandia, as it extends directly under New Zealand. Although it is almost entirely underwater, it fits the definition of a continent, as it consists of an intact piece of crust that is distinctly different from the ocean floor and clearly separated from Australia. This was a shocking discovery because they believed that the amount of continents on earth had been fixed in principle. Now, this one looks like it could have been another continent, where perhaps human beings dwelt, and if it was, this could certainly rewrite a lot of history books.

Could this be the lost continent of Atlantis?

Lost City of Atlantis
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Ancient astronaut theorists say it’s a clear chance. There is an ongoing bias among scientists that anything from the ancient past must therefore be a fake story made up, a myth, and yet these scientists must look at the reality, that archaeological discoveries verify that the actual stories are worthwhile.


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Pyramid in Antarctica


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