Mohenjo Daro’s ancient nuclear energy

What happened to Mohenjo Daro? Where is Mohenjo Daro located? What destroyed the oldest civilization? What connection can be found in Ramayan and destruction of Mohenjo Daro?

Sindh Province, Pakistan, 1922. An officer of India’s Archeological Survey goes to a region led by Buddhist monk where religious monument existed. But archeologists discover an ancient Indus Valley town dating back to 2000 BC instead under the mounds of dirt. It is called Monhenjo-daro, or Mound of the Dead, and it is one of the oldest civilizations discovered in the world. The city of Monhenjo-daro rivaled the ancient civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Archaeologists believe that over 35,000 people once occupied the city. Only 43 skeletons were found on the site, however. There are many theories surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the Indus people from Monhenjo-daro. British scientist David Davenport found in 1977 that part of the archeological site showed proof that an exceptionally strong explosion had destroyed it.

What was found in Monhenjo Daro?

In 2014, mineralogist Dr. Sam Iyengar was able to obtain a piece of fused pottery from Monhenjo-daro and put it through a series of tests. When I did the elemental analysis, it showed me that the Monhenjo-daro rock contained mostly silicon, aluminum, with some calcium and potassium. So my thought was maybe it could be some type of clay until I did the X-ray diffraction.

X-ray diffraction can determine the exact forming of a material. This is the pattern I have, and here you can see some crystalline peaks along with an amorphous hump that generally results from a glassy rock stage. The composition is very similar to volcanic rock. The only way the clay can be converted into something which we saw is subjecting the clays to a very, very high temperature. I’m talking 4,000 to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That is not something an early civilization can do intentionally. It has to be something supernatural.

More objects are found as shown below:

Could this pottery sample be definitive proof that Monhenjo-daro was the site of some kind of strong explosion in the ancient past, showing irrefutable proof of being subjected to extreme heat? David Davenport and other researchers of India’s ancient Vedic texts have suggested that this is the case and that Monhenjo-daro may in fact be the kingdom of Lanka, a city whose destruction is described in detail in the Ramayana Indian epic.

What connection can be found in Ramayan and destruction of Mohenjo Daro?

It is described in the Ramayana that the god Vishnu has become too powerful to decide the leader of Lanka, a mortal named Ravana. Vishnu takes the human form of Rama and does battle with Ravana, who has become like the gods himself. It was defined as the sun with this incredible blast turning into 50 brighter suns. So some people have suggested that perhaps at Monhenjo-daro, some type of a nuclear blast occurred. We not only have a textual reference to a potential nuclear blast, but we also discover physical evidence showing stone vitrification. And the only way that stone can be vitrified is if it’s exposed to extreme heat.

I continue to think that humanity has amazing technology, incredible expertise and that they have done stuff we’re doing right now. And then something happened, and they had to begin all over again literally. Whoever got involved said, uh-uh, that’s not going to happen. Let’s let them know, but don’t let them know too much. And I think that’s probably what’s happening here. These extraterrestrials wouldn’t want us to have access to these advanced technologies and essentially become like gods, but they may have a keen interest in, A, following some sort of prime directive so they don’t openly interfere with us so that everybody knows they exist but B, also making sure that we don’t destroy the planet.


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