The project horizon, classified moon military base

Is there a military base on the moon? Who operates military in space? Do US or Russia rule space? It’s about Project Horizon, discovered by examining lately declassified documents. July 20, 2014. Along with those made by former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellier, and Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Source: Ancient-Aliens

UFO researchers have suggested that the US Military secretly built an installation on the surface of the moon, to help combat an alien threat. If the Earth is visited by extraterrestrials and they are potentially hostile, it would make a lot of sense for us to be prepared for this.

A secret military installation on the moon?

Source: Ancient-aliens

Could such claims, along with those made by former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellier, and Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, really be true? Perhaps more clues can be discovered by examining lately declassified documents. July 20, 2014. One of its largest secret missions is declassified and disclosed by the U.S. Army.

What is Project Horizon?

Moon base
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The mandate of Project Horizon was to create, by 1966, three years before the first NASA landing of men on the moon. The military base capable of holding at least 20 people and expanding over time. Also it would be driven by nuclear power, have its own supply of water, oxygen. And it would really be the equivalent moon of a military installation.

The feeling was, from the Wernher von Braun, from NASA, and indeed from the entire government, that space would become an important battlefield. We’re talking about conventional warfare and how it’s going to play out. It’s fairly clear that if there is another war that space will be a battlefield. The United States has been working for a long time in building new weapons based on the technology that they’ve gained. If you control one of the approaches to the Earth, it gives you an advantage that you wouldn’t otherwise have. It’s also a launchpad for whatever you want to do on Earth.

How did they build the military base in Moon?

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Could it be, as some ancient astronaut theorists contend, that the US military was successful in the construction of a military base on the surface of the moon? While the stated mission goal was to establish dominance over the Soviet Union during the Cold War, many believe the effort was not against an antagonistic global superpower, but an unknown extraterrestrial force.

When we look at the legacy of Reagan and some of these things like the Star Wars. It expands the area that can be done or had been done. So it’s very possible that when we look at what was happening in the Cold War era. Further, it may be they were trying to divert attention to what was really going on. Also, that might have been some sort of collaboration between the US and Russia putting on the moon a space base doing some other type of space platform that currently now exists within our solar system. There is no doubt that Star Wars, launched by President Reagan, was more linked to the option of taking the extraterrestrials for size than it was against rogue states. All the best available information represents that it was made for defense against UFOs than against rogue or ballistic missiles.

Has Project Horizon’s recent disclosure merely served to dissuade investigation into a real and escalating military presence in space?

Source: Ancient-aliens


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