Project Penguin, Arsenal, and The NINE

Project Penguin was the code name for a 1952 secret Cold War experiment involving a U.S. military unit to study the potential for paranormal phenomena in the army and national intelligence application, a forerunner to the Stargate Project (1978).

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Since the beginning of mankind, has credited its origin to gods and visitor from the stars. What if it were true? Did extraterrestrial beings really help us to shape history? And if so, our planet could still be under the watchful eye of what some individuals call “The NINE

December 30, 2013. In an international television news broadcast, former Canadian Minister of National Defense, Paul Hellyer, makes an astonishing statement. In which he claims to know that Earth is visited by extraterrestrials. This interview sent shockwaves through the media everyone started to question why a high-level official would make such an announcement.

Hon. Paual Hellyer stated “That gave me the dubious distinction of being the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries who ever said categorically, without reservation, UFO’s are real, and you have to accept them as being real. This is difficult territory. But I understand there’s a federation that is monitoring us most closely and keeping tabs on us”
(Canadian Minister of National Defense,(1963-1967)).

Edgewood Arsenal, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland 1952. The “Penguin” project is part of the program relating secret government, medical doctors and psychiatrists, Andrija Puharich set up a special laboratory where psychics and military personal gather to investigate psychological manipulation and hallucinogenic drugs.

Perhaps one of the most compelling and controversial aspects of Puharich’s research was channeling, which envolved making contact with non-physical beings through the use of psychics. In December 1952, in one of the channeling sessions, Puharich invited Hindu mystic and doctor D.G.Vinod. Vinod entered a profound trance during the experiment and made contact with a group of individuals called “The Nine.”

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Did Puharich effectively make contact with Egypt’s nine great gods? As it could be evidence of a long-standing federation of extraterrestrial overseeing earthly affairs.But if so, just who were these beings?

Heliopolis, Cairo One of the oldest and most sacred locations in ancient Egypt, known as the Sun City. Although mostly demolished, there continues an obelisk marking the place where the sun god’s temple, Atum, once stood. Also, the ancient pharaohs would connect to the Ennead, a council of nine entities who were said to have brought technology and knowledge to mankind. Further according to Egyptian hieroglyphs, consultation with Ennead was chief among the pharaoh’s duties and critical to the success of the nation.

Who is Pharaoh?

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In ancient Egypt, the most powerful individual was “Pharaoh”. The pharaoh was the Egyptian people’s political and religious leader, holding the titles ‘ Lord of the Two Lands ‘ and ‘ Every Temple’s High Priest. ‘ The pharaoh was the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt as ‘ Lord of the Two Lands. ‘

Nine otherworldly being speaking through the pharaoh? Might the modern-day channeling sessions with the Nine, carried out during the 1950s ‘ secret military experiments, mirror those experienced by the ancient Egyptians.

Could it really be that Puharich inadvertently made contact with the same being that was consulted by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs? And could these be the extraterrestrials referred to by former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer? Perhaps more evidence can be found in various script or religion from across the globe of otherworldly councils of nine.


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