Pyramid in Antarctica

What about the pyramid in Antarctica? Is it true or a hoax? Location of Pyramid-shaped structure in google map 79°58’39.25″S 81°57’32.21″W.

Source: Google Maps

While it may seem unthinkable that pyramids might exist in Antarctica, archaeologists have discovered worldwide pyramids that have been lost for decades, mistaken as natural formations or concealed in the most unlikely locations in latest years. Also as they were found in the plains of northern Peru, buried in Indonesia under dirt and rubble, and one might even exist in Los Angeles, California.

Who build pyramids all over the world?

We discover proof of pyramid constructions all over the globe. So should begin to look at the possibility of living in Antarctica. Also, the question is was it a civilization that was lost? Could it be astronauts of ancient? And perhaps our own civilization’s earliest landmarks originated from Antarctica. If this giant Antarctic pyramid is an artificial structure, it would likely be our planet’s oldest pyramid. And in reality, it could be the master pyramid intended to look like all the other pyramids on planet Earth.

What studies say about pyramids?

Source: Simon E. Davies

In terms of their geometry and what it is they really are, a comprehensive study has been performed around the globe on pyramids. And one of the theories is that power generators are pyramids. And so if you have these pyramids strategically positioned around the globe generating this charge, a general standing wave can be created around the globe that is basically a wireless energy transmission.

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What study indicates about use of pyramids?

It has been stated theoretically that ancient aircraft, extraterrestrials, and high-tech ships, could use this interconnected wireless energy system to navigate the planet. And it makes sense that if such a global pyramid energy grid existed, Antarctica would also have pyramids.

What we don’t know about pyramids?

Where did the whole concept come from of these pyramidal structures? It’s not something arbitrary. And these buildings exist all over the world. So what was the momentum? What’s the origin of that? And have they originated on the Antarctic continent even more intriguing?

What about the pyramid in Antarctica?

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Could the pyramid Joseph White claim to have found near the Shackleton Mountain Range and other lately photographed pyramid-shaped structures in Antarctica provide proof of the distant previous extraterrestrial visitation of our planet? And if they are man-made structures, how is such a thing even feasible in a location buried under the ice for more than 12 million years? Antarctica may not have been a frozen continent as long as mainstream researchers suggest. As evidence can be discovered by looking at a 500-year-old map that depicts the continent without any ice.


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