Qasem Soleimani killed: Is WW3 really happening?

  • by VIPER, January 7, 2020

US President Donal Trump’s order to authorize an airstrike that killed Iran’s powerful military commander Qasen Soleimani that has seen tensions between the two nations rise rapidly. What might happen next? And is World War 3 happening?

On Friday the US declared it had executed general commander Qassem Soleimani of Iran during a drone attack on Baghdad International Airport, because of this Iran’s relationship with the US has been troubled and has marked the beginning of escalating tensions between the two countries.

Mr. Trump has promised to take the American military out of the Middle East.

But under his presidency, he has slope up sanctions and dragged out of a nuclear deal he viewed as impressed because of this US relation with Iran have become tenser.

The Trump administration was stunned by the enormousness of the attack on the American embassy in Baghdad, on 31 December 2019, viewed it as a worsening and believed that Soleimani was behind it. Granted with a target of opportunity, the president permits the strike.

What might happen next?

In the streets of Tehran, thousands of Iranians flooded the for Soleimani’s funeral on Monday.

Across the heads of mourners in the city, Soleimani’s coffin was passed through, “Death to America” was the only shouts coming from the people on the streets.

Funeral of Qasen Soleimani in the streets of Tehran.

Iran has promised to respond and lots of proxies that will look for opportunities across the region. They clearly understand about American politics to know that the way to Trump’s re-election campaign is the US economy. If they can apart it, they will.

US President Trump is forcing Iran back to the negotiating for a “better deal” that takes into report not just Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but its missile program and regional behavior as well.

Is WW3 really happening?

Currently, there has been no declaration of war between the US and Iran.

After the US drone strikes in Iraq, US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to voice his thoughts on the recent US military action.

On Saturday in one tweet, Mr. Trump said the US will target a number of sites in Iran if they decide to strike back against Friday’s events.

“The USA wants no more threads!”

However, the US President has been determined the US took action to stop, not start a war.

Esmail Ghaani, who took Soleimani’s place as head of Iran’s military force told Iranian state on Monday “God the Almighty has promised to get his revenge, and God is the main avenger. Surely, action will be taken.”

Should the rocketing tensions between the US and Iran continue, it is possible the dispute could descend into an all-out war.

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