See the full list of season 14 finalists of ‘ AGT ‘ 2019

Winners of America’s Got Talent contestant in All world Feed. The popular Tv show hosted by Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, Terry Crews as a Judges.

America’s Got Talent Season 14 has displayed numerous talented candidates throughout the summer. But even with so many amazing performances, only a couple have come to the top.

This year’s quarter-finalists are Kodi Lee (Gabrielle Union’s pick), Joseph Allen (Howie Mandel’s pick), Tyler Butler-Figueroa (Simon Cowell’s pick), Detroit Youth Choir (Terry Crews ‘ pick), Luke Islam (Julianne Hough’s pick), Sophie Pecora (Brad Paisley’s pick), and V. Unbeatable (Dwayne Wade’s pick).

Moreover, the golden buzzer-winner contestant will have an advantage in the show. The lucky ones who are voted will directly go to live semi-final.

But know more about the 2019 AGT quarter winners and their trips so far on season 14 before any of that occurs:

Bir Khalsa the superhuman in AGT

Bir Khalsa’s act is one of the dangerous performance ever done in AGT. It surely gives the viewer goosebumps. Moreover, it is more intensely nerve-racking. Especially the daredevil was the one who was lying trusting his friendly fully. Thanks to god, he seemed totally fine during and after the show.

Dom Chambers the Brilliant magician in AGT

Dom is one of the funniest magicians appeared on the AGT. Moreover, his humorous and cheeky jokes regarding magic draw the attention of many audition and Judges. His beer trick was so smoothly done that many of the magicians still can’t figure out.

Robert Finley the extra-ordinary singer in AGT

After Robert Finley sang bluesy “Get It While You Can”. One of the Judges Simon utters the fabulous word “You’ve got this great soul about you”. In the other episode of Agt, Rober again taped out with his own original song entitled “Medicine Woman”. Simon again commented over Finley Voice “I just wish I could be as cool as you”.

GFORCE the power of exuberant girls in AGT

Simon informed the girl group during GFORCE’s audition that they required to be genuine and take responsibility. And so, to demonstrate that they are bosses, the girls composed and conducted an initial piece aptly called “Simon Says.” It would be a gigantic understatement to mention that Simon was pleased with their second-round audition.

Ryan Niemiller the dazzling comedian in AGT

Authentic Ryan appeared in America’s Got talent with his hilarious jokes. The judges impressed and the audition’s got amazed. In specific, guest judge Dwayne Wade seemed to get a boost out of his ability to stand up.



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