The World’s Oldest Temple

Is it really the oldest temple? Who built it ancient aliens or human? Are aliens real? Did advance civilization visited us? How can we tend to prove the mystery?

Underneath 20 feet of sand, archaeologists unearth the world’s oldest temple Gobekli Tepe in Southeastern Turkey. Radiocarbon dating suggests that the location dates back to a minimum of the tenth century before Christ, a time before the end of the last ice age and 6000 years before prehistoric man had possessed developed language.

Gobekli Tepe is one of the greatest discovery of all time. Because our knowledge of hunter-gatherers has modified utterly. Now we know they were capable of coming together in large numbers in some kind of authority to cooperate on massive projects, such as complexGobekli Tepe, which involved bringing huge pieces of stone from some distance away, sculpt it beautifully, setting these pillars, all this things are done in large scale.

The first temples in the world are at or around Gobekli Tepe. Therefore this changes many thing we know about. Because here we have remains of lost civilization capable of doing such massive projects. This confirms that there were high culture civilization in the world at the end of iceage. There’s no doubt that there many questions all around the ancient world. And Gobekli Tepe is one of the biggest question mark because, we were sitting in caves, surviving on fruits. But certainly that wasn’t the case.

How much do we know about Gobekli Tepe?

Total of 22-acre, less than 1-acre is unearth by archaeologists, what they have found is impressive remains of a complex of structures, huge walls, and T-shaped stone formations, some, 9 to 10 feet tall and weighing up to 50 tons. Many stone pillars are covered with beautiful carvings of reptiles, animals, and insects. Archaeologists also discovered statues at the site that appear to resemble humans with uniquely stylized clothing and have no idea what these humans represent. They suspect that these are not just some statues of people with stylized clothing. They could be gods. they may be spirits. they may be associate ancestors, one thing of that sort.

What is found around Gobekli Tepe?

The most fascinating thing are life-size statue discovered just 9-10 km away that has been dated to the same period of time when Urfa Man existed. Therefore it seems like a person who belong form advanced civilization and wearing something that represent much more like what we wear or possibly even some sort of advanced space suit. What the heck is he doing there? His face looks strange. He’s bald. His head, his eyes look weird. There’s something unusual about this guy. And that may be a clue that tells us about the mystery of or belonging to the time before the biblical Flood or pre-flood civilization.

What does humam alike statue represent?

Source: Dracoon Havoc

Is it possible that the strange human alike figure obtained near Gobekli Tepe actually represents an extraterrestrial like aliens or a being from a lost civilization that existed on Earth somewhere before iceage? If so, does it give some type of clue to other ancient stories describing other world civilizations that once were here on Earth? All over the world, we have giant statues and carvings of people’s faces, heads and body. Some are giant enormous heads, like the Olmec enormous heads. Also the Easter Island type statues with huge and portray people who have elongated heads. They had cone shaped heads essentially. They were giants of history, with god alike powers. We would call them extraterrestrials or aliens.

There is this recessed courtyard in Tiwanaku that has all these different faces. These stones were discovered underneath the soil, which means that at some time, some type of event happened that buried these monuments. Some have actually surmised that they represent some type of a pre-flood civilization, that what we have here is,in fact, a remnant that depicts that society.


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